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A little History...

Béaba-webshop.nl is one of the shops of Babyandmore.

To show all the Béaba products in a good way, we have made this special Béaba web site. 

We also have our own store where you can pick up your order and where you can see the products 'live'.

(Google map link to the shop).

You can reach us:  
E-mail (24hr/day) info@babyandmore.eu
Telephone (9AM - 7PM +1GMT): +31 (0)73 689 21 71 (we have voicemail)
Warehouse and return address: De Beverspijken 7d
  5221EE 's-Hertogenbosch
Other company information:
Camber of Commerce: 17183022 te 's-Hertogenbosch
VAT code: NL8193.87.186.B01
International Bank Account (ING)  
IBAN: NL85INGB 0004 8021 24
Other Bankaccounts  
Paypal accountname: info@babyandmore.eu